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LandSense Discovery Service - Cookie Statement

The LandSense Discovery Service allows a user to select the point of login from a pre-defined list of operators (the Identity Providers). This service remembers that choice in a session cookie.

For convenience, it is possible that the user persistently stores that selection. This would supress the IdP selection dialog until the user re-sets this choice.

Name of the service

LandSense Discovery Service -

Purpose of using cookies

The LandSense Discovery Service - this service - stores the user's IdP selection in a session cookie to be able to support Single-Sign-On with the LandSense Federation. This service uses a persistent cookie to remember the user's IdP selection persistently.

None of the cookies stores or links to personal data.

Session Cookies

Cookie namePurposeSession/Persistent cookie?
cookieconsent_statusstores your acceptance of the Cookie discalimerPersistent
LandSense_redirect_user_idpstores the settings to temporarily redirect users transparently to their last selected IdPPersistent
_saml_idpSAML2 specification comliant cookie to store the list of IdPs visited by the userSession
LandSense_saml_spIt is used to display help/contact information on a pageSession
LandSense_redirect_stateSignals that the IdP discovery dialog can be skipped.Session